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Starguy’s Creator


Debbie Anthony Bohland

Debbie Anthony Bohland has been teaching the benefits of a balanced life to adults and children since 1984. Over the past two and a half decades, she has shared Starguy with pediatricians, educators, therapists, and child advocates. She has seen the Starguy program light up auditoriums full of children, enabling the kids to shine with the realization of their own beauty. She has seen their eyes grow wide and luminous with a light that can only come from the pure heart of a child.

Debbie’s dream and journey began in 1982, shortly after the sudden loss of her younger brother, her personal Starguy and inspiration.

Shortly after Debbie’s brother’s passing, inspiration for Starguy emerged during a two-week health and fitness program presented for a local school. Debbie’s first class was a group of 100 third graders. As they ran in and flooded the gym, Debbie stood before them on the stage with her arms outstretched and legs apart, not saying a word. All of them stopped and imitated the same position she had assumed. As Debbie looked out into their faces, it came to her…..they are all stars, made of star stuff. All of them different, but alike, beautiful and unique, just like her brother Gregg. There would only be one of each them, made of special “Star Stuff” shining their own special way. It was in that moment Debbie was in enlightened and Starguy’s Journey of the Heart revealed its purpose.

She knew at that moment that her passion would be to help the inner star in each child shine to its brightest potential.

Debbie’s vision is for children to be able to recognize that they have the power within themselves to achieve any goal they set. Starguy’s Journey of the Heart facilitates this by making Starguy an icon of belief and inner strength who teaches children about the five points of their own unique star. The Starguy program resonates with children because it helps them embrace themselves as physical, emotional, creative beings. The well-being of today’s children will shape everyone’s future; Starguy’s Journey of the Heart is intended to help brighten that future by preparing our children with the skills they need to grow up to be strong, healthy, compassionate, and responsible.