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Starguy’s Journey of the Heart

What If

Every child could shine with the realization of their own beauty?

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What If

Every child could embrace their innate and boundless inner light of joy, hope, energy and love?

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What If

Every child could experience their own constellation of gifts and talents as creative wonders of the universe?

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Welcome to the wondrous universe of Starguy’s Journey of the Heart; an innovative, holistic approach to building self-esteem, emotional and physical health. Starguy’s Journey of the Heart strives to develop the whole child; providing a well-rounded approach to educational entertainment.

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Starguy’s Mission

“It’s not just about diet and exercise. It is about the whole child and their understanding of how the human body works. It’s about a discipline of the mind, body and spirit; all connected and working together. It’s ultimately about the food they take into your mind.” — Debbie Anthony Bohland

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About Starguy’s Creator

Debbie Anthony Bohland has been teaching the benefits of a balanced life since 1984; sharing Starguy’s mission with pediatricians, educators, therapists and child advocates. She has seen the program light up full auditoriums; eyes growing luminous and wide, as can only come from the pure heart.

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